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Investment Objective and approach

The objective of the Fund is to generate high returns, and, over time, exhibit low correlation to the global equity markets. To achieve this result the manager will seek to exploit the Fund’s investment flexibility which, subject to the conditions laid down for its activities offers the following possibilities:

  • buy companies (go long) that the manager judges to be of a high potential that is not as yet fully reflected in the share price.

  • sell companies (go short) that the manager judges to be overvalued and of low or lower quality. To “go short” means to borrow a number of shares from a long-term investor in order to sell them on the equity market in the expectation that the share price will fall and it will be possible to buy them back at a lower price and thus make a profit.

  • buy/sell (issue) derivative instruments of a given share, sector or stock exchange.

By buying shares and at the same time selling borrowed shares and other types of assets, the manager can put together a portfolio capable of producing a positive return whether the expectations of the equity market are positive, neutral or negative.

The same basic philosophy as for the C WorldWide Global Equities strategy

The basic work behind investments in the Fund will be based on the investment philosophy and method, called “trend-based stock picking”, which has been a key component in the long-term creation of value achieved in C WorldWide Asset Management's global equity strategy since 1990.

The principles behind trend-based stock-picking

  • Early identification of long-term global trends is crucial to anticipate developments in the equity market.

  • In-depth company analysis and careful stock-picking reduce the risk of bad investments.

  • A focused portfolio comprising a small number of companies makes it possible to keep close track of each individual investment.

Investment Framework

Maximum cash share

The Fund may place 100% of its capital in the moneymarket.

Individual equity exposure
Maximum 20% of the Fund’s capital (but maximum 5% in a single derivative instrument).

Maximum gross market exposure
Via borowings and financial instruments up to 250% or EUR 250 for each EUR 100 of the Fund’s capital in equities or the equity market.

Net market exposure
Maximum positive exposure: The sum of bought and sold positions (net exposure) may not exceed 150% of the Fund’s capital or EUR 150 for each EUR 100.

Maximum negative exposure: The sum of bought and sold positions (net exposure) may not exceed -50% of the Fund’s capital or EUR 50 for each EUR 100.

The terms net positive exposure and net negative exposure designate the sum of bought positions minus the sum of sold positions. In other words, if the Fund has a net asset value of EUR 100, with long investments of EUR 70 and short investments of EUR 40, the net exposure is long 30%. The gross exposure in this case will be 110% of the net asset value.