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Insights & News

The Rise of Big Government

The Big Government theme cuts across and influences many of our other themes. In thinking about the future and searching for thematic tailwinds it is becoming much more important to understand the long-term priorities of governments. 

Insights, Acknowledgements and Clarifications

This paper addresses five key questions that C WorldWide is typically asked by professionals assesing our investment approach – our objective seeks to provide what could be considered the wrong answers for what we consider to be the right reasons.

Building a People's Business in Asset Management

Some might try to build an organization, where the system is more important than the people. Unsurprisingly, you get exactly what you aim for – a company that loses people.

The next 30 years

1987 was another interesting year because the countries of the world came together with the purpose of reducing harmful substances that since have created positive change. Today, 30 years later, the fundamental story is the same. Fear of survival is a timeless factor of motivation and a reason to act.

Man vs. machine

We live in an amazing technological era. Robotic equipment attached to the body can detect signals from the brain and help previously wheelchair-confined persons to walk. Software programs can assist police in selective cities to reduce burglaries and violent crimes significantly by informing the police where crimes are expected to occur within a 150-meter radius. Technology has come a long way!